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Edge 80 Optic

The Edge 80 Optic is a 80mm, flat field of focus optic with a 12-blade adjustable aperture and is compatible with all Lensbaby lens bod
Was: | Now: R3,150.00

Lensbaby Accessory Kit

Cover all your angles with the Lensbaby Accessory Kit, which includes the Lensbaby 0.6X Wide Angle / 1.6X Telephoto Kit, the Lensbaby Mac

Was: | Now: R990.00

Velvet 56 For Sony Alpha A (DSLR)

Velvet 56 is a 56mm f/1.6 with 1:2 macro capabilities for SLR cameras from Lensbaby. Inspired by classic portrait lenses

Was: | Now: R6,500.00

Fisheye Optic

The Fisheye Optic's ultra-wide 12mm focal length and 160 degree field of view captures eye-popping fisheye views from infinity all the wa

Was: | Now: R1,800.00

Ultimate Portrait Kit Nikon

Mix it up with the Lensbaby Ultimate Portrait Kit.
Was: | Now: R6,300.00

Composer Pro System Kit For Canon

The Composer Pro System Kit includes the Composer Pro with Sweet 35 Optic, Sweet 50 Optic, Edge 80 Optic, Macro Converters and Lensbaby
Was: | Now: R7,990.00

Lensbaby System Bag

The Lensbaby System Bag is the perfect one-stop carrying system for all of your Lensbaby lenses, optics, and accessories. 

Was: | Now: R590.00