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5x Fuji Instax Wide Film Packs

5 Packs

Was: | Now: R900.00

Instax Mini 70 -Canary Yellow + 1 Free Film

Was: R1 990.00 | Now: R1,990.00

10 x Fuji Instax Wide Film Packs

10 Packs

Was: | Now: R1,700.00

Impossible Project Neutral Density Filters Set of 2

The Impossible Neutral Density Film Pack Filter was developed to use Impossible 600 type film in Polaroid SX70 cameras.

Was: | Now: R190.00

2x Impossible Project Color Instant Films for 600 Type Cameras

Introducing the Newest Generation of Impossible Instant Colour Films.

Was: | Now: R760.00

Impossible Project Instant Lab - Universal

Instant Lab Universal

Was: | Now: R4,000.00

Impossible Instant Postcards

A set of 10 foldable Impossible postcards. Comes with two self-adhesive strips so you can place your Impossible image inside and post.

Was: | Now: R130.00

2x Impossible Project Color Films for SX70 Cameras

The latest color film for Polaroid SX70 cameras.

Was: | Now: R760.00

2X Impossible Project Color Films with Gold Frames

Instant color photos with gold frames. For use in Polaroid 600-type cameras and Impossible I-type cameras.

Was: | Now: R760.00

Impossible Project New Generation 600 films - 3 packs

Impossible Project's new generation of colour films develop twice as fast as before! Images begin to emerge within 2 minutes.

Was: | Now: R1,100.00

2X Polaroid Premium zink paper

Experience the new revolutionary photo technology with the Polaroid M230 ZINK Photo Paper.

Was: R700.00 | Now: R600.00

2x Fujifilm Instant Color Film - FP-100C @ R780

FP-100C film has established a new instant film standard for color accuracy, clarity and creative versatility allowing the professional t

Was: | Now: R780.00

Fuji Instax Mini Fave Five

Try a sampling of our Favourite 5 Instax Mini Film packs. 4 with special borders and 1 with plain white.

Was: | Now: R800.00

3 x Fuji Instax Mini Film Packs

3 Packs. 

Was: | Now: R510.00

2x Impossible Project B & W Instant Film for SX70

Eight instant black and white photos with white frames. For use in Polaroid SX-70-type cameras. Images begin to emerge within a minute.

Was: | Now: R760.00

Impossible SX70 Film Starter Pack (Triple Pack)

Three packs of film - two color, one black and white, each with eight instant photos per pack. All films feature classic white frames.

Was: | Now: R1,100.00