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Instax 90 Neo Classic Instant Camera & Black Leather Case + 1 Free film

The new Instax 90 gives you total creative control over your photos for more stunning images than any Instax camera before.

That's because the Instax 90 has six shooting modes: action mode for fast moving subjects, macro mode for tack sharp close-ups, landscape mode for tack sharp far-ups, bulb mode for long exposures, double exposure mode for the artsy folks and party mode.

Party mode! It brightens the background when you fire the flash, so all of your streamer hanging will not have been in vain.


Fuji Japan's newest Cheki (translates to mini in Japanese) model camera.Differences from the Instax Mini 50: neo classic look, lighter and more compact, macro mode, bulb mode and double exposure mode. Smart flash dims in party mode to properly expose dark backgrounds. Easy to read digital display for setting the mode, flash options and exposure compensation. Two shutter release buttons for portrait/landscape. Self-timer, great for photo booth parties. Fujinon 60mm lens. Focus range is 1.5 inches (in macro mode) to infinity. Shutter is 10 (in bulb mode) to 1/400 seconds depending shooting mode. Camera is 4.5" x 3.5" x 2", 10 oz. (less than a pound). Uses the same film as the Instax Mini 7s, 8, 25s and 50s. Shoulder strap, rechargeable battery and charger included. Standard tripod mount


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